The term warpframe is made up of warp and frame and refers to all those visual and conceptual communication techniques that act in depth within a video narration, and whose stories they support.

Just like a tambour, in order to have a fabric, you need the threads of the warp to be weaved with those of the plot, and likewise the creation of an advertising video results in an emotional response, while infusing in the minds of the addressees certain desires. 

The purpose is the generation of unconscious associations, which require deep perceptive and narrative structures.

Warpframe, a semiomarketing technique used to optimize business video communication, is made up of ten items that have to be taken into account before producing the storyboard or writing the script, as follows:

  • determines the role that the issuer wants to play in the communication flux regarding the addressee.
  • establishes the kind of relationship between issuer and addressee in order to reach the goal intended by the video.
  • puts the communication in the proper style in order to convey the chosen identity and relationships.
  • indicate the symbols, icons or indexes necessary to reach the goal.
  • indicate what mimetic, proxemic, kinetic or other elements are necessary to insert in order to reach the video's goal.
  • concern the visual rhetoric figures that suit the story, in order to stimulate a positive feedback.
  • concern the archetypical models that must be inserted in each story to make it more effective, while appealing to a collective unconscious.
  • are about actantial models that must be used in order to structure the story in such a manner as to be involving for the audience.
  • represents the semiotic square, the forces that give dynamism to the story through the construction of balances between the different actants, that imply elements of contradiction, contrariety and complementarity.
  • concerns down deep messages, visual and textual, made of inferences, denotations and connotations, preconceptions that influence deeply the perception of the video by its target.

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