Semiomarketing team has analyzed this image of Dolce & Gabbana adv campaign.

The images's concept is highlighted by the idea of tradition-al family and suggests to the mind of the target that Dolce e Gabbana isn’t only a company for a transgressive target, but it’s also very careful safeguarding traditions and human values.

This a visual synchronic text.

The whole picture is an icon of a traditional family (the implication is that the man and the woman love each other and this creates the idea of a traditional family).

We can see many symbols: the pictures behind the mother are the symbol of family, of tradition, of “old times” evident in the underwear worn by the parents.

The picture is also the symbol of endurance, of roots and of the time required to build a happy family.
This is the same meaning for the traditional furniture in the room.

The bed is a symbol of intimacy, prosperity, fertility, love. These are essential elements in creating a traditional large family. The bed is also an index that tell us they are in the hearth of their home, in the bedroom.

The patchwork is the symbol of authenticity and love of tradition. It’s also a symbol for handcraft, so of quality, real-ized with love and passion (as Dolce e Gabbana’s clothes) by family-minded people who love unique and original lit-tle masterpieces.

The men’s undershirt worn by the father is symbol of virili-ty and manhood, an icon of underwear of the past. The same can be said about the mother’s petticoat, which is a symbol of ancient and tender femininity.

The number of children indicates fruitful love .

From the point of view of discursive categories we have:

  • Actorization: a man, a woman and their six children.
  • Spatialization: the codes of furniture suggest to us that the setting is a bedroom.
  • Temporization: the clothes codes suggest to us we are in the 50s of the last century.

From the point of view of eidetic categories (the shapes) we can see two triangles formed by the father and his three sons and by the mother and the three daughters . The use of triangles sends us an idea of stability (of the traditional family and of the brand).

We can see curved lines that define womanhood and ten-derness on the headboard.

The table where the baby sits near his father is circular, and its closed circular lines denote closure and the elite. The fa-ther’s embrace forms an open circular line that gives a sense of comfort and warmth.

The little angel is a symbol of protection, if intended as Christian sign. If intended as a pagan symbol It’s a symbol of Eros, god of love.

It’s on the top of a wood spiral column. Here we have two eidetic categories: The straight line (perceived as strength, energy) and the spiral line (sends an idea of movement, change, vitality).

From the point of view of mimetic and gestural codes, we can see that the people seem happy and serene.

The people are happy, smiling, in the bedroom and this is an index that they have everything they may desire, so the archetype represented is the innocent. He is at the height of his accomplishment and has no further goals to achieve. He could only but fall, and fears the loss of bliss, of Paradise.

The colours of the bedroom are warm, soft, tender, recalling the idea of authenticity, reliability. The colour of the clothes is white, and sends us and unconscious idea of perfection, completeness , in addition to being a symbol of purity.

This image amplifies in unconscious way the power and the reliability of the company and increases the confidence of customers in the company, which is perceived as good and engaged.

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