Extrabrand is a useful tool proposed by Semiomarketing to identify and extract the essence of the brand and to create new or replace existing ones to make them more effective.

In the example of Bulgari we have the following extrabrand tools:

Archetype - (archetypal idea behind the brand)
  • luxury, wealth, pleasure, privilege, jewel, treasure
Source - (primitive idea at the basis of perceived brand)
  • jewel of the highest quality
Identity - (how the brand want to appear)
  • reference for quality and excellence in high jewellery
Relationship - (relationship with the receiver)
  • complicity and offers available only to the privileged, those who are wealthy, who has taste and can afford the precious objects proposed by maison
Lector - (the ideal receiver of the brand)
  • lover of beautiful things and refined privileged possessor of richness that want to acquire new jewellery for their aesthetic value and asset value
Modus - (the communication style)
  • pride of its prestige, conscious presentation of the excellent proposals
Literature - (slogan, payoff, jeengle ingrained in the collective memory related to the brand)
  • Magnificent Italian Jewellery and Luxury Goods
Appearance - (shape, color, music, editing, photography)
  • the BVLGARI logo with V in place of U, in capital letters, as in the ancient Latin inscriptions on marble. Synonymous with precious jewel, evocative of antiquity, tradition, roots, history, gemstones large and colorful.

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