These structures refer to the space, time and actors in the advertising image.

In other words, when and where the scene is set and who acts in it.

The three elements used are the following:

  • Actorization (actors)
  • Temporization (time)
  • Spacialization (space)
Through the architecture codes we can understand if the scene is set in Rome ( i.e  if in the image we can see the Coliseum), and so we have the space.

Architecture codes: the Colyseum in Rome

Through the furniture codes we can understand if the time in which the scene is set is the present time ( i.e. if in the image we can see an iPhone), and so we have the time.

Furniture codes; iPhone

Through the clothes codes and the gestural codes we understand that the protagonist is, i.e , a nun or a fireman, a student or a teacher, and so we have the actors.

Clothes codes: fireman
Sometimes the space and the time are missing in the image. There is not furniture or architecture and the model can be naked.

In this case we can obtain an idea of the concept as valid always and everywhere.

To choose the right time, space and actors is very useful in giving connotations to the image and in sending the more effective sensation to our receiver.

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