A text is a series of concepts that are linked together, between a beginning point (when it stars, a novel for instance, or when you start to admire it) and a stopping point (when it finishes or when you finish to admire it).

For example a picture, a film, a video, a photo or a painting are visual texts, a novel or a letter is a verbal text, a symphony or a play is a sound text, a statue is a plastic text.
  • A garment is a text
  • A luxury house is a text
  • A diamond parure is a text
Text can be synchronic or diachronic.
  • It is synchronic when all the signs contained in it are sent together in the same moment and the receiver can use them when he prefers
  • It is diachronic when the signs are sent in different moment and follow a timeline and the receiver is obliged to follow the order imposed by the sender.

So, a picture is a synchronic text, instead a video is a diachronic text.

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