How to communicate Fashion and Luxury in an effective way? The SEMIOMARKETING is a complex system, formed by innumerable variables that interacting with each other can make obtain an effective result.

The effectiveness of communication (and therefore its persuasive power) is not achieved easily and “instinctively” as many are led to believe, but only with the intelligent, cautious and aware use of sound, visual, verbal and non-verbal narrative variables.

SEMIOMARKETING is a methodology that discovers:
  • the secrets to create evocative luxury communication, offline and online, which stimulates the target to buy and so to become customers
  • the subliminal messages sent through shapes, colors, symbols and icons to evoke the desire to possess a luxury object, which act on our psyche.

Ars Europa, with many years of popular and successful collaboration with leading Institutes of Fashion, Art, Design and Management, has arranged a micro training course about “Semiomarketing: Communicative structures marketing oriented, aimed at optimizing business communications in order to improve the target-client conversion process, in Luxury“.

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