The brand, in addition to being a symbol that represents a company consisting of a logo, a name, a drawing, is essentially a psychological variable and a relationship with the company and its target customer contains not only the distinctive aspects of business but also the expectations of the target, the company's history, mission, philosophy, and evokes a way of being.

EXTRABRAND is a useful tool proposed by Semiomarketing to:

  • identify and extract the essence of the brand
  • create new or replace existing ones to make them more effective
These are the extrabrand tools:

  1. archetype - the archetypal idea behind the brand
  2. source - the primitive idea at the basis of perceived brand
  3. identity - how the brand will appear
  4. relationship -  the relationship with the receiver
  5. lector - the ideal receiver in which the brand is aimed
  6. modus - the brand’s communication style
  7. literature - the slogans, the payoffs, the jeengle ingrained in the collective memory related to the brand.
  8. appearance - the shape, color, or the media (music, editing, photography) through which the brand is presented and appears to the consumer
The items follow a climax, a succession of scalar depth.

In fact:

  • the first item  (archetype) refers to the deepest, unconscious and hidden nature  of the brand,
  • the last (appearance) is the most superficial, derived from the interpretation in visible signs of the previous items . It is also the way through which the company shows itself to the public.

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